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Pamela Rogers

spotlightPamela Rogers, welcome into the spotlight


Doulas are as diverse as the women and families they support and here at Surrey and Middlesex doulas you have a wonderfully rich and varied selection to choose from. Over to you Pammy


1) I am caring, creative and spiritual.


2)  My favourite thing about me is that I’m always trying to better myself as a person and work towards to growing and evolving into the best version of myself, in a beautiful and authentic way.  Most days I would do yoga and meditate and centre myself, even just for a few minutes.  This really helps set the tone of the day.


3)  Food!  One of my favourite topics… I love food and love cooking for people, friends and family. I believe that by nourishing the body with food, we nourish the spark within us, which is why I always say grace and a blessing at dinner times.  I think I would say the most adventurous food I’ve eaten is frog legs! 


4)  My favourite hobby is music. It’s my way of releasing, letting go, expressing and just being creative and really makes my heart sing with joy. I love lighting a few candles when everyone is tucked in bed and just enjoy playing around on the piano or guitar in the evenings, having a little sing along by myself.  Sometimes I would work on a song/lyrics and melodies or sometimes I would write a poem.


5) This is a difficult one as there are many, many places in the world I would like to visit for various reasons but I think I would love to see the Grand Canyon soon.  With it’s raw spectacular ruggedness, the vast canyons, mother nature at her best and the ravishing beauty, I would be in my element – it has to be in my top 10.


6)  As most of my family were and still are in the travel industry, I always thought to myself,  If I ever was to get into the travel business, I would love to be Cabin Crew! I achieved that goal and flew the skies for nearly 10 years.  


7)  Well now I’ve been asked here it is…   I’ve set myself a really big and ambitious goal, that no matter what happens in my life, I will record an album with my songs, my stories, and dedicate it to my brother who sadly passed away a few years ago. It’s a very big and scary thing for me and has been a massive and gigantic challenge but I’m working on it very, very slowly and hopefully I’ll achieve it. 


8) I would love to work with David Attenborough and go on an adventurous expedition with him somewhere in the vastness of this planet. What an incredible day that would be! 


9) For me there is nothing more satisfying than really supporting women as they walk their journey.  I love to inspire women and families.  I love to gently guide them to really step into their power with ease and to give them tools to embody that which lies within.


I love healing too and am a bit of a shamanic hippie at heart (yes I have been known to hug trees before, talk to angels and fairies:) and I practice Reiki and Bio-energy healing. I would often bring this into my practice too, healing, releasing, bringing positivity and sacredness into the mix too.  I  also get to facilitate inspirational pregnancy retreats in my back garden, in a tipi and I love seeing the connection between everyone,  especially with mums and their babies.


10) It has to be the tiredness during a really long night and driving back home with eyes that won’t stay open for too long, or getting someone to look after the kids when my husband is away with work.


11)  You can only try your best in tricky situations.  I will always try and see all aspects of it and try and come up with a solution that hopefully works for everyone.


12)  I think it must be because I’m a really down to earth, trustworthy, kind and caring, compassionate person.  It could also be that they resonate with what I’m about too and also like my energy.


13)  Top Tip is to definitely trust your instincts, your intuition and not give your power away.  That’s where true wisdom lies. Follow that and you’ll be fine.


14)  I would say my family.  Having 3 kids and running a house full of little people, and all the pets is my priority and the constraints of only working during school hours is also a big factor.  This also comes into play during summer holidays as I feel I can only offer a little of my time and sometimes have to turn down work too.


15)  My mum had us all naturally In Hillingdon hospital on St. Georges Day, where ironically all my kids were born too!


16)  My dream client would be someone who really connected with her divine femininity, who stood in her power with grace and ease. Someone who understands that she is the most beautiful creator of her life and an amazing gift has been given to her.  Someone who understands that her womb is a beautiful and sacred place and who is also deeply connected with her baby. 


17)  Yes of course I’d have a doula


18)  Easy!  Cats – every* single * time.  LOVE THEM, especially my two tabbies, Moon & Astara.  


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