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The first in our series of…..’In the Spotlight’, featuring the wonderful Janine Ebling. Here are her answers to the questions that might never (but should!) get asked. Learn a little more about what makes her tick….

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1) What 3 words best describe you? Caring, conscientious and creative

2) What is your favourite thing about you? This is a tricky one, as I am the type of person that readily sees my faults rather than my strengths! However, I would say probably my creativity. I get a lot of pleasure from making things look nice, being crafty, and have a good artistic eye, so I enjoy beautiful things!

3) What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten? I am not very adventurous with unusual foods, so probably the most unusual thing would be when I tried my husband’s goat burger in Turtle Bay!

4) Tell us what you like to do as a hobby? I love anything creative…I sew, decorate cakes, do paper cutting, make cards, and I also love to bake!

5) Where would you most like to visit and why? I’d love to visit the bulb fields of Amsterdam in the springtime! Those fields of colour would be so wonderful to see in person!

6) What job did you want to do when you were little? I wanted to be a nurse or a florist- I guess this showed my caring and creative streak has been there since I was very young!

7) Do you have a vision, dream or ambition, no matter how crazy, that you would like to share? When we retire, my husband and I joke/dream of opening a cycling cafe with a craft shop! Somewhere in the countryside, where cyclists (and other visitors) can stop for a warming cuppa and homemade cake, browse the handmade crafts, and my husband can help with bike repairs etc.

8) If you could be, or do, one thing for a day, what would it be? I’d love to be able to work as a florist for a day, with access to the most stunning quality and beautiful flowers to make arrangements for a special occasion!

9) What is the best thing about being a doula? I simply love to help people! Its the thing that gives me most satisfaction in life- to have made a difference to someone and be appreciated for it! Being a postnatal doula is the perfect job to have a positive influence on the early days of motherhood- fulfilling my passion for supporting new mothers, and it fits around my family really well and uses my midwifery skills from my previous employment! I confess I also love being able to carry babies in a sling- now my two are too big for baby wearing it is so scrummy to borrow cuddles from others’ little ones! I share this passion with others when I run the Guildford Sling Library sessions!

10) The worst thing? The worst thing about being a postnatal doula is most definitely the moment when I get back home from a postnatal job where I have spent all day getting on top of the laundry, ironing, cleaning and cooked the family a delicious meal, only to realise that I have to do it all over again (and more!) for my own family!

11) Overcome a tricky situation?

12) Why do clients choose you? I think because I am warm, non-judgemental and kind, and also due to my background as a midwife and mother myself!

13) Top tip? My top tip to a new mother is most definitely to trust your own instincts and judgement as a mother. You are the expert on your baby and know best what will/won’t work for you. Have the confidence to listen to all the advice you are given, but then to make your OWN informed choices.

14) Is there a limiting factor preventing you from becoming the best doula that you can be? I guess it is the constraints of having my own family, and therefore wanting to be home with my young children after school and during school holidays. This means that I can only offer limited working hours to my clients, but so far this hasn’t been a big problem. My family are very important to me, and should rightly take priority over my job! I am a mother foremost, and doula second!

15) How were you born? I was born three weeks early by emergency Caesarean section at 0046hrs on Christmas morning! My poor mother had pre-eclampsia, and missed her Christmas dinner because of me, but insists I was her best ever Christmas present!

16) Who would be my dream client? I wouldn’t want to look after anyone rich or famous- it would intimidate me! I just love supporting normal families who really need and appreciate the support I can offer as a postnatal doula!

17) Would you use a doula?

18) Dog or cat? CATS every time! (If only my husband would agree!)

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