Shirley Stump

  • Recognised Birth Doula

Contact Email:
Phone: 07970202473

Birth is an amazing moment in a womens life, every woman deserves to be treated like a goddess. She is after all birthing another human being so should be nurtured, respected and supported during this time.
If every woman receives this kind of care no matter what path her birth takes she will have a positive and empowering experience.
I support women to have the birth they choose, to feel their informed choices are supported. I can help her to feel relaxed, safe and happy and most importantly empowered to feel she can make the right choices herself to birth her baby calmly.

My services:
• Recognised Birth Doula
• Doula & Hypnobirthing
• Reiki
• Traumatic Birth Recovery – 3 Step Rewind Programme
• Indian Head Massage
• Relaxation with Sound
• Sound Healing
• Closing the Bones Abdominal Massage

My fee and what it includes:
• Please get in touch about my packages and fees.
• At least two antenatal sessions to help prepare you physically and emotionally.
• Treatment of your choice.
• I am on call 24 hours two weeks before your baby is guessed to arrive until the day they are born. This
could be a possible 4 weeks or more. There are no time limits, I follow you and your babies needs.
• In that time I aim to never be more than 90 minutes from your home address.
• I will be by your side as soon as you need me until you are happy for me to go home.
• You may want a more practical support in the background during birth, helping your partner, children, being
there if needed. Or a more emotional support massage, holding your hand, stroking your hair. Or both and
this could change during the birth.
• In labour I support you and your partner in however you need. Doulas are very good at following the women
in the moment, responding sensitively always with love. It’s like having a caring sister by your side,
totally focused on your needs. Helping you to feel safe, loved, informed, listened to, supported with your
birth wishes no matter what path it takes.
• I also come for a post natal visit after and can give you a treatment, prepare a meal, do some house work
and help signpost you to any info you may need.
• Extra antenatal sessions can be added on for an extra fee

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