Sallie Shelley

Sallie Shelley SMD
  • Recognised Birth & Postnatal Doula

Contact Email:
Phone: 07904 362 847
020 8979 6432

Hi, I have been working as a doula since 2006, but before that I supported family and friends and worked as a mothers help among other things. I have five children of my own, the first being born in 1987 and the youngest being born in 2006. I have supported a large number of families which has given me a lot of experience as a Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula, Night Nanny and with caring for twins. I love supporting families at this amazing time in their lives as they welcome a new member to their family and find their way in their new roles. I am happy to have a chat and answer any questions you or your partner may have – by phone or over a coffee. I have enjoyed both being a young mum and an older mum, I love being a mother and still feel it is my biggest achievement.

My philosophy is one of caring, nurturing and embracing the experience that a new life brings. I aim to encourage and empower parents-to-be to have the birth they desire; to give parents-to-be the information they need to be able to make and be confident with their own choices. In addition I support the mother in getting to know her baby and help her find her way as a new mother.

I believe the early weeks with your newborn child are very precious and I believe they should be cherished. I tend to encourage listening to and acting on your feelings. In my experience Mums usually know best. Your baby has spent the best part of nine months growing inside you, being protected in your womb, hearing only your heartbeat, body sounds and muffled sounds from the outside. Suddenly they are in this big wide world with all this space, new sounds, smells, and tastes; sensations that are new to them. Everything is a new experience and can sometimes be a little overwhelming for them so don’t be afraid to cuddle, comfort and most of all enjoy your baby.

I hope I can give you support and encouragement as well as information to help you enjoy being a parent!

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