Nikki Barrow (Barile)

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  • Recognised Birth & Postnatal Doula

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Phone: 07512 691925

My name is Nikki. I live in Farnham, with my two children and two Cats. My passions are Cooking and Baking – food in general! Craft, Singing, Yoga, and of course everything to do with Pregnancy and Birth.

I am a Doula and Active Birth teacher, and also run Pregnancy Yoga classes in Surrey. I am passionate about supporting women and their birth partners through pregnancy and birth, and beyond into parenthood. This passion stems from having positive birth experiences with both of my children, one a water birth and one fast delivery on dry land. I practiced Yoga throughout my pregnancies and used Active Birth techniques which I feel really enabled me to have the wonderful, positive births that I had. I hope to pass on this positivity and passion in my work now as a Doula and teacher.

I am available for Birth & Post-Natal Doula work and am very happy to help with any number of things during my time with a family, this could be holding and rocking baby, cooking, washing and folding washing or just being there as a supportive ear for any concerns.

I am a trained Nurturing Baby Massage Instructer and Post-Natal Yoga teacher aswell, so can incorporate these skills into my time with you.

Please contact me for more information or visit my website.

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