Lucy Shutes

Lucy Shutes
  • Recognised Birth Doula

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Phone: 07526 116850

My name is Lucy. I am a birth doula, a hypnobirther and a registered Nurse.

I trained to become a doula with Nuturing Birth in 2009, and then did my hypnobirthing with Katherine Graves in 2012.

I would love to have had a doula when I had my children. It would have helped me just get on with having my babies rather than having to engage with what was going on around me. And worrying about my husband.

I know this helps me be the doula I am today. I “safe guard” your birthing experience, by giving you the confidence to believe in yourself, the trust in your ability and the knowledge of the choices available to you.

There are 3 people in this birth. You, your partner, and your baby. How you give birth really makes a difference to how you feel about yourself and how you and your partner go on to make decisions as parents. It can have an enduring affect on your baby too. Birth can sometimes be a bewildering experience. By finding the potential to unlock deep routed and conditioned fears within, you can have a birth full of love, tenderness and inspiration.

I am guided by what your specific needs are regarding the birth of your baby. By meeting with you during your pregnancy, usually 3-4 times, we work through relaxation and massage techniques, visualizations, affirmations, preparing a birth plan and much more. I will do anything that is legal to support you in your birth.

I am passionate about what I do. I am also passionate about my children, eating cake and drinking tea. I live in Guildford with my Husband, 2 cats, one dog and currently 2 grown-up children.

“Thank you Lucy. You helped us more than you will ever know” N and M 2013.

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