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lesley brooke barnett
  • Recognised Birth Doula

Contact Email: lesley@brooke-barnett.com
Phone: 07733 324606

My name is Lesley and I live in Haslemere, Surrey, with my 5 children, (3 of whom were born in London and 2 down here in Surrey) and also our beloved dog, Dougal. The children range in age from 22 down to 12, and I have 4 boys and 1 girl ( squashed happily in the middle of the boys) The whole period of my childrens’ childhoods has flown past and I would not have missed a minute of it, and very fortunately, so far, I have not had to. Their births were varied and apart from a caesarean section for my first son because he was breach, and then a forceps delivery for my second child as he was slightly stuck!!, the other 3 children were born very easily and with no other birthing problems. Watching them grow up, and 3 of them are now adults, they are an absolute delight to me and I enjoy their company as fellow adults as much as that of any of my best friends. Fingers crossed now for the younger 2! (they are gorgeous too tho).

My Philosophy:
Long before I had my own children I wanted to work in the neonatal world, but it wasn’t until 2008, when the children were old enough, that I had time to do an Access to Nursing & Health Professions course at Guildford College, with a view to becoming a midwife (fantastic experience!). I heard about doulas for the first time just after I finished the course in 2010, and after doing some research on the internet about what they do, their ethos sat very comfortably with my own belief that childbirth is a natural process which, given the right tools and emotional support, most women can come through it with memories of a very primitive and wonderful experience to treasure for all their lives. The sense of achievement for a woman is extraordinary and this should be available to all women; so it is with this belief that I feel that to be able to share this part of a family’s journey into parenthood would be an absolute privilege. I can offer you help in the form of either practical help, emotional support (you’ll probably need both in varying amounts!) and non-judgmental advice during the build-up to the birth and in the immediate post-natal period, as you all adjust to your new addition.

Related skills and qualifications:
I was trained as a Birth Doula with Nurturing Birth in Highgate, London, by Bushra Finch in 2011.

Courses completed :

  • Reiki 1 (see below)
  • Hypno-birthing (see below)
  • At the moment I am a Mentored Doula and I hope to gain lots more relevant skills in the next few years
  • Attended: Michel Odent Study Day 2011
  • Oxytocin Study Day 2012

Experience & Specialities:
Reiki is a wonderful relaxation tool to use both during both the ante-natal period and the birth process and its healing benefits are well-known both spiritually and physically.

Hypno-birthing is a great skill to be able to offer as it can make the whole birth experience feel much more manageable in order that pain relief can be kept to a minimum.

Finally, I have my own 5 experiences of childbirth to offer which might be helpful from time to time when weighing up information to make a decision.

I have a current enhanced CRB

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