Laura Stocks

Laura Stocks
  • Mentored Postnatal Doula
  • Recognised Birth Doula

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Phone: 07890 053552

Hey… I’m Laura, and I’m a mentored birth and postnatal doula in Walton-on-Thames. I have two fabulous children who keep my heart utterly full and it’s since embarking on my own pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey that I have found an affinity to work with and support women at this insanely magical time.

I’m a qualified instructor teaching The Wise Hippo antenatal birthing programme, which training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Through this I teach hypnobirthing techniques, to enable you to get into a deep sense of relaxation to have faith and trust in your body to allow it to do exactly what it is made to do.

I’m a firm believer that in anything you do in life, preparation is the key and I can help you to prepare for your birth in a way that only aims to empower you, having your desires and wishes at the epicentre of it all. I whole-heartedly believe in the mind/body connection during labour and would love to work with you to help discover your path, uncover your strength and to support your preparation for an empowering, positive birth experience.

I’m an incredibly positive person, which really does help me see the glimmer of light in even the trickiest of situations and it’s this optimism that I’d bring to your birth experience. I am more than aware that sometimes sh*t hits the fan and it’s my promise to you that I would prepare you to the best of my ability to have evidence based learning to know your options if that happens. I’ll be by your side for it all… massaging, relaxing, supporting and physically helping you, whilst offering practical assistance and emotional support for your birth partner if you have one.

Although I have only just started my Mentored Doula journey, I bring to you unwavering support for your birth, helping you wade through the flood of information and offering you a constant companion that you have chosen in me. To be a supportive part of your journey would be an utter privilege.

I believe every woman should feel loved, empowered, in control and cherished during her journey to birth and that’s my promise to you. I believe in your power. I believe in your ability to give birth. I believe in YOU.

If you have any questions at all or just fancy a natter about all things birth, drop me a line it would be fab to hear from you.

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