Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward
  • Recognised Birth & Postnatal Doula

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Phone: 07957 421232

Hi, my name is Laura and I became a Doula in 2010.  Ever since I was young, my working life has always evolved around caring for, and working alongside, people from all different walks of life.  This has included being a nanny as well as working in customer facing environments such as entertainment, retail and even farming, both in this country and overseas.

In 1996, I qualified as a massage therapist and formed my own massage company, Fingers and Thumbs, in 1999.  Offering massage within busy office environments, I found that women were being excluded from massage once they became pregnant due to lack of training on the part of the therapists.  This inspired me to train and specialise as a Pregnancy Massage Therapist and later combine my love of babies and nannying experience by becoming a Baby Massage Instructor.

Helping Mums to cope, physically and emotionally, through their ever-changing journey of pregnancy, has been exhilarating, fun and very rewarding.  Teaching parents Baby Massage as a fun way to spend relaxing time, learning about and bonding with their babies, as well as learning useful tips for colic or constipation, has been a joy.  These skills led me into the world of the Doula, which for me is a natural progression of my career as a massage therapist specialising in Pregnancy Massage and baby work.

Becoming a Doula has enabled me to truly accompany mothers on the whole of their birthing journey and into the exciting and sometimes unknown world of parenthood, whether working with them through their births or just postnatally.

In my role as a your Doula, I will work with you and your partner emotionally and physically, offering massage both antenatally and postnatally.  I also offer a Massage for Labour class so your partner can feel more ‘hands on’ during labour and also help in an emotional and supportive role.  This works to strengthen the bond between the two of you and your baby whilst helping you both to have the birthing experience you would like.

I have had the opportunity to attend births at Epsom, Queen Charlotte’s, St George’s, Whipps Cross, St Thomas’s and East Surrey hospitals.  I have attended Mums in Birth Centres, making use of the birth pool facilities, in the delivery suites and have also attended one home birth.  My clients have opted for a variety of pain relief methods including gas & air, pethidine and epidural, so I have been able to experience and learn about many birthing environments and alternate choices of pain-relief available in each.  I have also attended a clients’ Hypno Birthing course, so was able to help implement and support the principles of this method of birthing.

I believe that the secret to choosing your Doula is to find someone you connect with and who makes you feel confident.

For more information please contact me at, directly on 07957 421 232 or via my website at

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