Jeanette Esposito

Jeanette SMD
  • Mentored Birth Doula
  • Recognised Postnatal Doula

Phone: 07900 885939

Hello and many congratulations on your pregnancy.

My name is Jeanette, born in the north of England in 1964. I am a mother to 4 grown up children and a doting grandmother to Luca & Valentina. I have been married to My Italian husband Enzo for over 30 years and we live on the Surrey Hampshire border.

My youngest daughter is 21, allowing me to be very flexible in my hours of work. I have a wealth of personal experience along with my experience as a recognised postnatal doula, having supported many mummies with twins and doing regular evenings and night work.

I am committed to providing continuous physical, emotional and and practical support, before, during and after you have your baby.

Helping you to stay calm, comfortable and confident. To be informed, prepared and most importantly to have trust in yourself as a birthing woman and a new mummy.
My nature is to nurture and my aim is to mother the mother. ❤️ I absolutely love being a Doula, so rest assured everything I do comes from the heart and my passion to care for new mothers and babies.

A few testimonials from some of the amazing women I have supported..

“I would recommend Jeanette in a heart beat. She is highly professional, clearly very expert and yet with a warm and caring approach ”

“Sometimes it’s just good to talk and Jeanette is a good listener. She is very warm and empathetic and seems to really care about you as a person. She has huge practical knowledge and tips and gets on with things without being asked. I can’t speak highly enough of Jeanette ”

“Jeanette was an absolute superstar, she was kind and caring and completely trustworthy, what a gem ! ”

“Jeanette Doula extraordinaire… thank you so much for bringing calm to our home. It has been a breath if fresh air to have your support, experience and chat. ”

” thanks to Jeanette we now get some much needed sleep at night, Jeanette you really are an angel !”

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