Erin McGuigan

Erin Mcguigan
  • Recognised Birth & Postnatal Doula

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Phone: 07736 686427

Your beautiful baby awaits you! And she or he has chosen you. Amazing, miraculous, and life changing.

I strongly believe in the power of women helping women, and I have chosen my life’s path to support women in this awe-inspiring right of passage. I wish to help, as I was helped.

I remember my own birth experiences like they happened yesterday. When my own doula came to my side at the birth of my first baby, my beautiful daughter, I emotionally melted in to her loving embrace. I allowed myself to let go and be vulnerable, because I knew she was there to watch over me, to hold me, to protect me. She held my hand and guided me to that place I needed to be, that safe space inside myself, where I could shut down my thinking brain, and cut out all light and sound, release myself from thought, worry, fear, and my environment, and let my body do what it needed to do. In that space, at that time, she became my protector, my mother, my sister.

As a birth doula I will do for you what my doula did for me. I recognise that every woman is unique. She will bring to her childbirth experience, from the day she learns she is pregnant, to the day she first holds her baby, her own needs, fears, hopes and expectations. In my role as birth doula, I will strive to be a rock of constant support, of presence, information, and comfort, for you, and your unique experience.

I will strive to help create a sacred space for you to birth your baby.

I will strive to empower you to create the birth you deserve.

As a post natal doula I will help you in those beautiful early days of your babymoon, and nourish you with my company, my meals, and my helping hands. If you have older children, I support you there as well, as I have been an Ofsted Registered Childminder since 2009.

Additionally, I hold Mother Blessings for pregnant women. (Also known as Blessingways.) Mother Blessings are a magical gathering of female friends and family for the mother to be. I bring the women together and I guide us all to shower love, friendship and pampering on the expectant mother all in aid of emotionally preparing her for birth and her journey in to motherhood.

I am the Co-Creator of the Treasure Birth Workshop at DoulaNatal. The Treasure Birth Workshop is a doula-inspired birth preparation workshop where we engage in creative, deep and reflective work with the pregnant mamas and include birth art, fear release, affirmation cards, a blessingway, guided meditation, and pregnancy yoga among other things. Our workshop is offered once a month in either Kingston upon Thames or in Surbiton.

I live in Kingston upon Thames with my very funny husband and my two entertaining children. I work with and serve women from all over SW and central London.

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