Clare Ross

Clare Ross
  • Mentored Birth Doula
  • Recognised Postnatal Doula

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Phone: 07795 343320

Hello and welcome to you all, whether you are preparing to have your baby or are already holding your baby, congratulations! I am here to help you in any way I can. This is the most precious time! My motive is always one of positivity and caring. That is who I am. I am here not only for the Mummy and her baby but also for the family, especially the partner (who is sometimes left a little bit out of the loop!) plus siblings and pets. I am happy to make meals & stay over night, enabling you all to get some rest and be together.

I offer a very bespoke package, as we are all individual so our needs can vary greatly. I believe I am a good listener, a great hugger, very calm plus I know when to be present & when to be in the background. I work mainly on initiative but I am here for you so sometimes you need to share! My Yoga training assists me enormously in keeping it together and breathing.

I now live in Surrey, having spent 26 years living in Southern Spain (fluent in Spanish) I have 3 amazing children aged from 15 – 28. My aim has always been to trust your body, it’s capabilities & the power of acceptance.

Personally, I love Yoga, horse riding, swimming, skiing, the outdoors and my family.

Pregnancy, birth and babies are a constant passion in my life!

I am always happy to chat to you about your beautiful journey and any fears.

Best wishes & much love

Clare x

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