Booney Smith

Surrey & MIddlesex Doula Booney Smith
  • Recognised Birth Doula
  • Recognised Postnatal Doula

Contact Email:
Phone: 07879473991 / 01483 208 257

Hello, I’m Booney. I am an experienced Recognised Birth Doula

I am trained with Doula UK, Hypnobirthing and Nurturing Birth, and have been a Doula since 2005.

I live 6 miles from Guildford, in a heavenly cottage with my rather ugly cat whom I love and my two children.

I cover The Royal Surrey Hospital, Frimley Park, St Peters and travel to Queen Charlottes, Chelsea & Westminster, St Thomas’s, Birth Centres and Homes on a regular basis.

The amount of wonderful, kind, learned women I have met over the years while doing this service for women is testament to the work we do as doulas. You hope that the care, time, wisdom, and encouragement you share with these mothers and their partners in the time before the birth – at the birth – and Post Nataly – will make a lasting difference to them and their baby.

Every birth is as important as the last. Each and every individual is needing some………. kind, supportive words supported by the expertise of a doula. In addition to the midwife, doctors and medical staff, there is that person that you can totally rely on , someone who you know will be by your side for the duration of the birth.

It doesn’t have to be the first time. You could be having your third child! the dynamics will always change, the balance of the family shifts and one has to be subtlety adjusted; I do this gently and try with you to carry this forward.

If I am attending your birth I will listen to what your thoughts and ideas are as to how you might think the process will unfold. I will share with you your choices, my thoughts, and consider yours and your partners concerns and the what ifs. We will build a line of communication based on trust,knowledge and mutual respect.

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